Whether your organization has 50 employees or 500, IT has become a critical component of your business.  Ensuring the availability and reliability of your resources is a necessity to allow your team to perform their jobs.

The first step in our engagement process is to assess your current environment and your business objectives.  Your network and IT support structure should always keep the vision of the organization first and seek to support that vision.  We will then tailor a solution to address any current challenges and offer a road map for the short and long term.

At the conclusion of any project, Laketec is here to continue to support the deployment for years to come.  We offer flexible and scalable support options to meet your needs as you grow.

Why Partner with Laketec?

  • Single source for all IT needs

  • Local expertise

  • We teach technology

  • 24×7 support available

  • Web Portal for ticket tracking

  • Flexible support options

The Laketec Way:

Our approach to mid-sized business solutions is to ensure that we are taking an all-encompassing look at where you stand today from a business and a network perspective.  We seek to understand your goals, budget, and anticipated growth; then work backwards to design the most strategic investment for your company.

Laketec’s initial approach was consultative, educational and easily understood.  Their delivery of products and services were systematic, seamless and customer-friendly…technicians and account managers are to be commended for their effectiveness and efficiency, and most importantly, their honesty.

David V.

Step by Step
Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

The mid-market is a great match for our team.  We are big enough to have defined processes and procedures to ensure a World Class customer service experience, but small enough to be flexible for our customers when unique needs arise.

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