Keystone Local School District

LaGrange, Ohio


Wireless Access Points






Project Completion: Summer 2020 – E-Rate Project

Keystone Local School District located in LaGrange, Ohio serving over 1,500 students.

Keystone Schools desired to upgrade their wireless and switching infrastructure to handle the load of more and more devices being introduced to the network. Their infrastructure was aging, and they understood the need to future proof their network with enterprise level Aruba wireless to handle the load for years to come.

Keystone took advantage of the Aruba Instant wireless design which gives the district the financial advantage of not having to purchase a controller and support costs as well as the peace of mind the instant infrastructure provides with virtual controller redundancy.

Aruba Equipment Installed:
Aruba Instant Wireless Access Point – Model 515
Aruba 5400 Switch Series – Model 5412R 92GT & Model 5406R

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