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Manufacturers and distributors are facing ever increasing pressures to be more efficient and to increase the speed of production and delivery.  Properly deployed technology solutions provide our customers with new ways to accomplish these goals.

Laketec has been supporting customers in the manufacturing space since the day we opened our doors in 1989.  Customers like Applied Industrial Technologies, East Manufacturing, and The Kennedy Group have given us a unique understanding of the requirements in the industry.

Thoughtful design is the most critical component to consider for a manufacturer.  Large warehouses can create unique challenges when designing a wireless infrastructure which can be a critical business need for tow motor operators using scanners.  Older wired infrastructure is also a common issue which can be overcome in a number of ways without incurring the cost of new cable plant.

Please give my greatest appreciation to Jonathan Brne. He configured the remaining devices to be proactive so the problem wouldn’t recur. His knowledge and ability to resolve my issue for our inventory system had us up and running the next morning at 5am. I truly appreciate the efforts Sara took to get him to my location in a moment’s notice and his expertise and thoughtfulness. Thank you all for great teamwork!

Jennifer H.

Seaway Bolt
Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

Manufacturing customers present a unique set of challenges that is often centered around aged cabling, safety, compliance, and efficiency.  With these goals in mind, we are able to design technology solutions that overcome these obstacles.

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