At Laketec we know we cannot be everything to everyone.  Our Enterprise customers to come to us with a specific need that they need some outside help with.  Once that need is identified and defined, we leverage our highly certified team of Engineers to intelligently design a solution that meets the specs of the customer.  We can augment your existing staff by bringing specialists to bear for project work and then train your staff on how to maintain the new technology, or offer a maintenance agreement for us to handle it.

We are here to help do the work that your current team is not a fit for.  If you have highly certified Support Engineers, we can bring in tier 1 teams to handle the work they are over qualified for.  Have a team of tier one and two Engineers and need some short term assistance on a highly technical project?  We are ready to help.

Laketec also differentiates in this space by being able to provide national support to our Enterprise customers with location across North America.  We have been supporting companies like Applied Industrial Technologies (500 sites) for over 20 years with coordination and execution at their remote locations.  This experience gives us a great advantage in the Enterprise space because it allows our customers to leverage our existing network of known and trusted business partners while only having to interact with one support company.

Initially Hexpol turned to Laketec to support our Avaya Communications Manager systems in our headquarters and 6 other locations throughout North America. Their superior performance and knowledgeable staff prompted us to give them an opportunity to bid, and ultimately win, our business as we migrated to the Avaya IP Office platform, which was the most cost effective way to standardize our voice infrastructure across the board.  We have been very pleased with that transition.  Further we were educated on other areas of communications that Laketec was proficient at.  Wireless access was a critical need for our organization. We then entered into plans to have Aruba Access Points configured, and installed in our facilities.  Further the requirements of NAFTA are stringent which caused us to look at our firewall configuration that needed shored up.  As a result we turned to Laketec to design and implement a rock solid solution.  As a result they implemented Palo Alto to give us what we wanted and needed.  In short, Laketec has been a partner, not a vendor for Hexpol.

Whenever and whatever we asked of Laketec; they have delivered.  I would highly recommend them to other enterprise manufacturing firms.

Dennis Clarke

Hexpol Compunding

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