Staff Augmentation

Extend your support team with a successful structure

Consider us an extension of your team

IT support staffing levels are a challenge for any organization, especially one that is growing or taking on new projects.  Let the Laketec team fill in the gaps to ensure the smooth operation of your network and efficiency of your end users.

Reasons to consider a staff augmentation partnership:

  • You’re considering hiring your first IT resource for your internal network. You’re not just adding one person, you’re adding a new department.  Laketec has already invested in best in class monitoring, ticketing, and support tools that you can leverage as part of your strategy.
  • Your organization is growing organically and your existing staff needs help keeping up with workload, but you may not need a full time resource. Laketec can offer scheduled, part time assistance.
  • You are rolling out a new project that will monopolize the time of your internal team and need help on a short term basis.
  • Your organization is scaling back and you do not want to sacrifice on IT support.

Key Benefits

  • Built in ticket management, escalation procedures, monitoring and support tools which are very costly to purchase and maintain.
  • Your Laketec teammate has access to our whole group of support Engineers including tiers 1,2 and 3 with a variety of skill sets across all areas of network infrastructure. The result is faster resolution and higher user satisfaction.
  • Vacation and sick time are no longer a factor. Laketec can draw from our pool of talented Engineers to ensure you have IT support when and where you need it.

Our goal is to fit in where you need us.  All staffing augmentation agreements are tailored to your requirements based primarily on skill set and estimated time required.

Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

Our team is ready to be an extension of yours.  Leverage our existing team, infrastructure, and top tier tools to ensure your staff receives the support they deserve.

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