911 Inform

The Complete Solution for Campus, School, Enterprise, Safety & Compliance


911inform is the only notification and security management platform that bridges the gap between first responders and your organization. 911inform provides full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms. Three time winner of the Frost & Sullivan Award for Best Practices in Safety Solutions Product Innovation.

911inform enables full situational awareness and communication across multiple platforms allowing for total transparency into any situation where a 911 request for emergency services occurs, including both landline and wireless calls. When 911 is dialed from within a 911inform building or geofenced area an emergency event will be generated within the 911inform software. Once the emergency event is triggered 911inform will notify individuals based on pre-configured protocols. The public safety personnel being notified could include the following: 911 dispatch, law enforcement, fire, medical, private security, and building staff.


The Complete Solution for Campus, School, Enterprise, Safety & Compliance

  • Kari’s Law, RAY BAUM’s Act, & Alyssa’s Law Compliance

  • Cellular 911 Call Locations

  • Interactive floor plans providing over 47 different capabilities.

  • Integrated safety technologies used during an emergency.

  • With support for more than 200 integrations, our solution seamlessly utilizes all your current hardware.

  • Bi-directional communications between your district and local public safety.

  • Enhanced situational awareness during an emergency.

  • SIS integrations to provide enhanced emergency response for student safety.

  • Mass notification capabilities for emergencies and non-emergencies.

  • Panic Buttons – desk phones and virtual options available.

Core Technologies


Caller Location Identification

When placing a 911 call via landline or cellular device within a 911inform connected building or geofenced area, it’ll generate an emergency notification within the 911inform software and sends it to all users. After the emergency is initiated, you will receive accurate location information paired with an interactive geo-mapped building floor plan overlaid onto Google Earth. This enables the emergency response team to locate and arrive at the emergency as quickly and safely as possible.


911inform is partnered with RapidSOS by integrating into the RapidSOS Clearinghouse. RapidSOS is being utilized by 90% of 911 centers for the U.S. population and growing each day. Partnering with smartphone manufacturers and other IoT companies, we can pass fast and accurate location information with additional data to emergency call centers and first responders. RapidSOS is FREE for public safety agencies and integrates into their existing software within a 911 center – including CAD, CPE, Map, and RapidSOS portal.

Location Discovery Solution (LDS)

Today’s evolving enterprise environments are easily enabled with communications that can now take place from almost anywhere and on any device. Enterprise users working from home and office will likely cross the invisible boundaries of 9-1-1 call centers without being aware. 911inform Location Discovery Solution easily allows users to update their physical location without having to do more than tap their smartphone screen or a few clicks from your laptop.


Eliminate the complex task of associating phones with subnets or ports and convoluted cable management databases. 911inform LDS simplifies and solves the tracking of movement for IP phones.

Connected Building Controls

911inform provides the connected-building controls needed for managing critical situations for all emergency response teams such as:


Video Controls: Integrate with your existing IP-based camera systems currently used within your organization. Public safety personnel both in the 911 Center and on-scene can access live video feeds from 911inform buildings during the emergency event. After the event is closed, video access is removed for all parties.


Voice Controls: Integrate with your existing intercom and PBX voice systems, enabling bi-directional communication into an emergency event for public safety personnel at the 911 center and on-scene responders.


Door Access Controls: Integrate with your existing door locks, allowing for remote door locking and unlocking capabilities for public safety personnel.


Strobe Controls: Emergency strobe light integration with the 911inform platform. Ability to set different light patterns based on the emergency at hand

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