Vermilion Local School District Chooses 911inform

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With a dedicated focus on the safety and security of its students, staff, and faculty, as well as the imperative to ensure a swift and coordinated response in emergencies, the district, in collaboration with Laketec, recently implemented the 911inform Emergency Management Platform. This innovative solution has not only streamlined their security measures but has also revolutionized their ability to respond to critical situations.

  • Enhancing Campus Safety: Securing multiple buildings on a single site presents its own set of challenges. Within the Vermilion Local School District, which encompasses three school buildings on a shared campus, the integration of 911inform unifies all security concerns under a single umbrella. This transformative approach ensures equal protection for every corner of the campus.

  • Streamlining Emergency Response: In times of crisis, every second counts. The ability to react swiftly and efficiently to an emergency situation can make a significant difference. Vermilion Local Schools recognized the importance of reducing response times during emergencies, and the 911inform platform made this a reality. With 911inform, the administration can now manage and respond to incidents from a single user-friendly interface, minimizing delays and improving their ability to coordinate with first responders.

  • A Bridge to First Responders: 911inform is not just another security tool; it is a bridge that connects the district with first responders. This integration is invaluable in emergency situations. It ensures that the local authorities have real-time access to critical information, allowing them to arrive on the scene fully informed and prepared to take action.

  • Complete Situational Awareness: One of the standout features of 911inform is its ability to provide full situational awareness. It enables real-time communication across various platforms, keeping all stakeholders in the loop during an emergency. This level of communication is crucial for ensuring the safety of students, staff, and faculty.

Conclusion: The installation of the 911inform Emergency Management Platform at Vermilion Local School District marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safety of everyone on campus. The platform’s ability to streamline emergency response, provide complete situational awareness, and bridge the gap between the district and first responders makes it an invaluable addition to their security infrastructure.

Vermilion Local Schools is now better prepared to handle any emergency, and its commitment to safeguarding the welfare of its community remains stronger than ever.

“It’s a game changer when we saw it, we were blown away,”

Wes Weaver, Assistant Superintendent Vermilion Local School District



“We’re in the building instantly with a matter of a couple of clicks. If we have a 911 call from a specific classroom, I can activate a camera and see,”

Katie Lulovics, Vermilion Police Communications Supervisor

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