Custom Support Agreements, Tailored to Your Needs

Custom Support Agreements, Tailored to Your Needs

Industrial designers at the office discussing project on the computer.There is no shortage of technology vendors and customers have their choice of who they work with. We believe there are a number of things that set us apart, but above all, our ability to put customer service ahead of all else when providing support is a key component that has helped us build our reputation.

Strategic support is critical because to help you realize the long term benefits of our solutions, we can’t just drop off a box and hope for the best.  Our goal is to assist you in the deployment, and long-term support of these solutions. We are not a transaction oriented company, but we’re also not a one-size fits all kind of company. We’re easy to do business with and we offer a boutique style of support that allows us to provide customized options to meet your needs.

Support engagements with Laketec come in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure we are as aligned as possible with your objectives.  From break/fix, to a discounted block of hours, to fully managed services and networks; we are ready to tailor the right support agreement for you.

Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

Every new hire on the Engineering team hears the same thing from me; this is a customer service job that happens to be in IT.  I’m incredibly proud of our support team, you will be too.

Just wanted to let you know that Patrick Skelley joined us on a tech call with a new CRM provider with whom we were having issues.  Patrick handled himself so incredibly well and represented your company about as well as you could ask.  He was authoritative on our behalf when he needed to be.  He even followed up our conference call with call direct to me to review.

Greg D.

Corporate Screening

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