Step 2

Made in the USA

Streetsboro, Ohio


Step 2 is the number one US based Toy manufacturer and distributor of “Made in America” children’s toys.  They are headquartered in Streetsboro, Ohio.  Their requirements revolved primarily around data storage needs that were critical to their operation. When looking for a partner to solve their challenges, they remembered their ten-year relationship with a Laketec Senior Network Engineer, Tom Petkoff, who is now on the team at Laketec. They reached out to Tom on social media, met with Tom and their Laketec Account Executive, and agreed to move forward with a sophisticated storage design and implementation.  As a result, of the successful deployment, we were able to evolve the discussion into other areas like disaster recovery.

Both Erich Lachman, The Manager of Information Technologies and I have had a long relationship with Tom Petkoff, Laketec Senior Data Engineer.  When we brought our needs to him, he and Ben Sterley designed a storage solution second to none.  The VMware server guests were designed and implemented to specs without incident.  We will be looking at more projects for Laketec in the future.  We feel very comfortable with the Laketec staff, and our long standing trust in Tom Petkoff is key to the relationship.

Neale W.

Step 2
Laketec Testimonial

Tom P.

Senior Network Engineer

I had been supporting Step 2 for their network needs, in my previous employment prior to coming to Laketec. Recently, in 2016, I was contacted by Step 2 through social media. We discussed their network needs and how Laketec may be able to help them. As a result of those discussions, Ben Sterley and I learned as much as possible about a specific storage need they had, then designed, and implemented a Dell Equalogic solution that met all of their needs. We look forward to the next project of Disaster Recovery.  I look forward to Step 2 being the recipient of more of our leading edge voice, network, and cloud offerings.

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