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Wichert Insurance is a leading provider of personal and Business insurance including employee benefits to clients throughout Ohio.  Representing most major insurers, Wichert provides unsurpassed service and a comprehensive selection of Insurance choices.  Laketec has been the provider of products and services to Wichert since 2009.  The Avaya IP office, a leading edge communications system was chosen as the platform to best supply the voice needs of this premier customer.

Wichert  has been in the process of improving their voice infrastructure over the past eight years.  Laketec has designed, implemented and currently supports five locations with the We currently have five locations.  Further Wichert expressed the desire for three-digit dialing (site to site) which has streamlined their internal communications while realizing cost savings on their carrier long distance charges. The phone systems also allowed their remote workers to have business functionality even while working on the road or at their home office.

Wichert is highly committed to customer service and that means they needed a system that would be dependable and user friendly.  By deploying the Avaya One-X portal as a part of this design, users gained desktop functionality for the voice platform which allows them great flexibility and functionality to aid in servicing their customers.  Another feature utilized by Wichert is unified messaging which has made their employees responsive and as productive as they can be.

After the full deployment of the Avaya platform, the next project engagement was focused on network security and a deployment of Palo Alto firewalls.

Wichert Insurance is particular about the businesses we use for our technology services.  We began our relationship with Laketec over 8 years ago, primarily as our Telephone system provider. Over the years we have grown and depended on Laketec to be our advisor as well as provider of equipment and services.  To that end, we have been able to make our remote workers function as a in house employee through the Avaya IP office technology.  Additionally the One X portal allows desktop functionality for our voice communication. One other addition that Laketec was able to supply was unified messaging; again making us more productive and responsive to our customers.  We feel that our relationship with Laketec is strong, and they really know their industry.

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