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The Center for Digestive Health has offices in Willoughby, Mentor and Madison Ohio.  They are leading health providers for all areas related to the digestive organs and potential diseases related to them.  Five local hospitals rely on The Center for Digestive Health for the screening and prevention of colon cancer.

Because of the critical care that the doctors provide,  it is extremely important to be able to receive time bound calls live, gather information through voice mail, and have outbound and inbound communications function in an often critical scenario.  Laketec worked with the Doctors and staff to meet their office-wide needs as well as the unique requirements of the Doctor and staff.

The Center for Digestive Heath has been in a growth mode over the past 11 years.  To that end, every location was designed and implemented to mirror and support the main location in Willoughby.  The doctors are often on the road or at locations in various northeastern Ohio Hospitals. Their ability to have communications anywhere and anytime is priority one.  The IP office, the DID’s, and voice mail set up allows for communications that work for all three Centers.

I approached Laketec approximately 11 years ago to build our main office in Willoughby and to support the doctors and staff as they travel throughout the various offices and hospitals that we support.  It was critical that the doctors and our staff be reachable via the phone, or could be reached on a DID.  In addition our receptionist are extremely important in regards to live phone answering and being accessible for the various offices or hospital personnel.  The Laketec engineers are very knowledgeable and gave recommendations on how to best handle our clients, patients and staff members.  I would recommend other offices in the healthcare field to utilize Laketec for their Telecommunications needs.

Darlene F.

The Center for Digestive Health
Laketec Testimonial

Tom N.

Senior Voice Engineer

Through Darlene and her staff, we have been able to meet and exceed the needs of this high traffic, high volume medical organization.

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