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Guest wifi, point of sale, inventory, phone communication, and paging.

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Hartville Hardware has relied on Laketec to provide Communications systems since 2010. Branded products that Laketec designed, installed and supports are: Datel Call accounting, Avaya IP Office Telephone systems, Spectralink wireless handsets, HP switching, Palo Alto firewalls, Aruba Wireless Access points, and VMware for virtualization. In short, Laketec is the go-to provider of state of the art voice and network applications for the ever expanding Hartville Hardware campus.

As a World Class retailer, this is a customer who must be up and running to ensure a positive experience for their end customers across the hardware store, kitchen, and marketplace.  With guest wifi, point of sale, inventory, phone communication, and paging all impacting their customers on a minute by minute basis, this networks stability is mission critical.  This is the number one design criteria for every project we engage on with the IT Hartville team.

We were in need of replacing some of our physical servers and decided that we should investigate virtual options. Our servers were over utilized and underpowered.  It was scary to think about having to rely on our backup solutions at the time.  With the help of the Laketec team we were able to set up a VMware environment and segregate our servers into the core functionality that they should have been set up for originally.  With the Veeam solution we have a peace of mind that our backups are running properly and the EMC 3200 appliances were a much needed solution for our storage network.

Jade L.

Hartville Hardware
Laketec Testimonial

Bob P.

Senior Network Engineer

Hartville was in need of a server refresh while staying on the HP platform of choice.  We were able to meet that need as well as consolidate 6 physical servers down two tow using the VM Ware software.  In addition their needs were many and varied in the area of storage.  The EMC and Veeam solution was designed to meet those challenges.  In the end the customer is very pleased.  They simply cannot lose business, must have 100% reliability and the storage capacity to be able to meet the demands of their external and internal customers.  Hartville hardware is constantly evolving and growing.  Laketec is there to help chart the course, provide world class products and solutions, and assure the Management team that we are there with them every step of the way.