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Step by Step is an employment and training company that needed a quick turnaround of a new phone system because there current Nortel was on its “last leg”. We installed an IP Office Phone System, some new cabling and a new Aruba wireless access point… All of those requirements were completed within one week’s time.  The end users and console operators we individually trained for understanding and the wireless was functional and secure which was imperative to the President, David Volak.

The customer was most impressed with the professionalism of the technical staff, the quality of the work, and the smooth and quick transition to a new phone system and wireless solution with virtually no interruption to their business.

Laketec’s initial approach was consultative, educational and easily understood.  Their delivery of products and services were systematic, seamless and customer-friendly…technicians and account managers are to be commended for their effectiveness and efficiency, and most importantly, their honesty.

David V.

Step By Step Empowerment and Training
Laketec Testimonial

Jillian A.

Voice Engineer

The timeframe was the key to this installation that we were able to meet within assigned hours.  Both Dan Speigal and myself were able to install cabling, set phones, and perform end user training all within one week of the signing. Since the customer was migrating from a Nortel to an Avaya IP Office system, the console operators were concerned that they would be able to handle customer and internal calls efficiently.  We were able to teach the new system in a way that was easy for them to understand and operate.  The Aruba wireless installation also went well and the users are very happy.

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