Detect, identify, defend

Detect, identify, defend

Network and endpoint security is a quickly growing concern for firms of all sizes and all industries; not just those with compliance requirements.  Corporate hacking is on the rise and the targets are not only large enterprises.  Today's threats are focused on small and medium sized business as a result of their historically poor security profile.  Regardless of the size of your organization, a data breech of any kind has the potential to put you out of business.

Network security is not just about buying a firewall and taking a "set it and forget it" approach.  Threats and vulnerabilities are evolving on a minute by minute basis and you need to be sure to invest in the right hardware to protect your data.  However, the right hardware configured improperly is just as bad as not having the solution in place at all.  You need a partner who understands how to design, deploy, and maintain a secure network.

Vulnerabilities don't just stop at the edge.  Endpoint security is also a crucial component of a holistic design.  Using best of breed products, Laketec will work with you to ensure you are achieving the level of security you're seeking.

The requirements of NAFTA are stringent which caused us to look at our firewall configuration that needed shored up.  As a result we turned to Laketec to design and implement a rock solid solution.  As a result they implemented Palo Alto to give us what we wanted and needed.  In short, Laketec has been a partner, not a vendor for Hexpol.

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From the desktop to the cloud

Security is an ever evolving challenge that organizations of all sizes must face. Antivirus and an unmonitored firewall are no longer a viable strategy. From the onboarding of guest devices to the near real time remediation of known and unknown threats; you need a strategy that protects your users and your data.

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