Instant Messaging & Presence

Contextual collaboration

shoretel-phonesInstant messaging gives your team the ability to quickly and easily communicate via text whether they are on their PC, laptop, tablet, or on the road with their cell.  This can be a substantial productivity booster when brief communication is all that's required.  It also provides a corporate level of control over access and archiving.  Presence refers to an awareness of the current state of your co-workers availability based on their activity and calendar.

Need to transfer a call to  resource in another department and want to be sure your customer doesn't end up in voicemail?  Check the status of the individuals in the group and pass the call along to someone who you know is not on the phone or in a meeting.  Give your operators the ability to immediately set expectations with a customer as to the availability of the person they're trying to reach.

Being able to see availability at a glance, and then to quickly communicate can be a productivity game changer for your organization.

Wichert Insurance is particular about the businesses we use for our technology services.  We began our relationship with Laketec over 8 years ago, primarily as our Telephone system provider. Over the years we have grown and depended on Laketec to be our advisor as well as provider of equipment and services.  To that end, we have been able to make our remote workers function as a in house employee through the Avaya IP office technology.  Additionally the One X portal allows desktop functionality for our voice communication. One other addition that Laketec was able to supply was unified messaging; again making us more productive and responsive to our customers.  We feel that our relationship with Laketec is strong, and they really know their industry.

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