Scalability, flexibility, investment protection

Scalability, flexibility, investment protection

5-essential-characteristicsLaketec has highly trained and certified Engineers with the necessary experience to make your next virtualization project a success.  We pride ourselves on learning your business objectives, existing environment, and staff expertise before we begin the design phase.  Armed with this understanding, we are able to take a more holistic view of your network and help you lay out a plan that can be accomplished on time, and on budget.

Virtualization is becoming a growing component of your cloud infrastructure strategy.  Many of our customers today are on a road map migrating over time from a fully deployed, on site, virtual infrastructure towards a public cloud strategy.  Most are taking a hybrid approach and outsourcing applications and servers as time, budget, and connectivity allow.

Whether you're virtualizing a single application, or an entire server farm, Laketec is here to help you design, implement, and support your infrastructure.

We were in need of replacing some of our physical servers and decided that we should investigate virtual options. Our servers were over utilized and under powered.  It was scary to think about having to rely on our backup solutions at the time.  With the help of the Laketec team we were able to set up a VMware environment and segregate our servers into the core functionality that they should have been set up for originally.  With the Veeam solution we have a peace of mind that our backups are running properly and the EMC 3200 appliances were a much needed solution for our storage network.

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