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Plan, Implement, Test


veem-architectureUnderstanding the complexity and cost of a properly designed solution against the measured cost of downtime is an important thing to understand when pursing your DR plan.  Is a 48 hour data recovery time sufficient for your business?  Or do you need seamless fail-over to the point of not dropping a single call in a contact center when there's a power outage?  Once the business requirements, available technology, and budgets align, your customized business continuity strategy can be executed on.  With the technology available, business continuity conversations are focusing on minutes and seconds, rather than hours and days.

Should a part of your strategy include carrier services or data centers, we have partnered with best of breed providers to ensure that your needs are met.

Don't forget, Business Continuity planning is not something that goes in a binder on a shelf.  It should vetted, tested, and updated as new technologies and offerings become available.

With the Veeam solution we have a peace of mind that our backups are running properly and the EMC 3200 appliances were a much needed solution for our storage network.

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