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Voice, Email, Chat, Text, Facebook, Twitter....

The traditional call center has now evolved into a multi-channel contact center that gives your customer the ability to communicate with you on their terms.  A “channel,” is simply defined as a specific form of communication like a phone call, Email, text, or social media post.  Properly designed Contact Centers allow you to provide the same high level of service, regardless of your customers chosen method of communication.

82% of consumers say they prefer that organizations always offer multiple channels to communicate and serve their needs.

Key Benefits:

  • multi-channelA single interface for multiple forms of customer communication
  • Improve customer service and response times
  • Reduced expenses by using lower cost channels
  • Accurately identify customer behavior and trends
  • Increase agent productivity by providing them access to multiple channels
  • Leverage skills based routing across multiple channels
  • Extract more meaningful reports on customer activities to make smarter decisions
  • Software support for future upgrades and channel integration

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