Interactive Voice Response

Listen, interpret, respond

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) gives a caller the ability to self-serve by navigating through a menu using voice commands or touch tones.  This application creates substantial efficiencies for the contact center by reducing the amount of time agents are required to spend on the phone.  It can also increase customer satisfaction by handling the customer request immediately, with no time spent on hold.

Common Uses of IVR

  • Account balance inquiries
  • Store hours
  • Store locations
  • Transaction history
  • Account activation

Contact Center Benefits

  • Improved customer service
  • Higher call volume with fewer agents
  • After hours service
  • Caller prioritization
  • Integrate with internal applications
  • Obtain more customer feedback via post call surveys

Laketec takes a consultative approach to the design and deployment of the IVR solution and menus.  With our experience across multiple industries combined with your business objectives, we collaboratively develop a system that will improve your customer service levels while driving increased profitability.

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