Senior Living

Situational Awareness. Campus Connectivity. Training.


For senior living facilities, staff, residents, and their families are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Residents now expect to be able to bring their own devices and join them to a robust and reliable wireless network. Visitors expect to be given easy access to a guest network as they visit their loved ones. Situational awareness is now an expectation. Resident and guest driven demands are creating new challenges and opportunities for the IT staffs of senior living facilities. Laketec is here to help.

Our aim is to help our senior living customers accomplish their goals in a way that is cost effective and gives them the opportunity to work with a single vendor across multiple technology platforms. A dependable wired/wireless network, coupled with an easy to manage communication system and situational awareness platform to tie it all together is a great start.


You need a network you can depend on to support your wireless infrastructure, camera system, monitoring and alerting systems, and resident/guest devices. As new residents arrive and demands change, your network must also be dynamic and easily managed.


Your staff, residents, and guests all need a communication platform that is easy to use, flexible, and easy to manage. Laketec prides itself on training both end users and administrators.

Situational Awareness:

When it’s a question of life and death, you need a technology partner with experience in deployments involving all of your endpoints including cameras, pull chains, wall boards, and nurse call systems.

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