Microsoft – Hybrid Cloud with Azure

Why use a hybrid cloud?

hybrid-cloud-with-microsoft-azure-imageCloud computing gets a lot of attention, and for good reason: it’s where much of IT is going. But on-premises datacenters also have an important role to play, both today and in the future. For many organizations, integrating these two to create a hybrid cloud is essential.

Microsoft understands this reality. To help you achieve it, we offer a broad range of cloud and onpremises technologies that work together in a coherent way. And unlike our competitors, we provide the flexibility to let you choose the path that’s right for you. We’re committed to providing a consistent hybrid cloud that supports the approach you pick.

But what exactly is a hybrid cloud? While getting everyone to agree on a definition isn’t easy, there are some obvious requirements. For example, you need a way to connect your on-premises datacenters with the cloud, a problem Microsoft solves with Azure Virtual Networks, Azure ExpressRoute, and more. But basic connectivity isn’t enough; a hybrid cloud should go beyond this, providing a complete set of consistent services.

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