Scalability, flexibility, investment protection

5-essential-characteristicsLaketec has highly trained and certified Engineers with the necessary experience to make your next virtualization project a success.  We pride ourselves on learning your business objectives, existing environment, and staff expertise before we begin the design phase.  Armed with this understanding, we are able to take a more holistic view of your network and help you lay out a plan that can be accomplished on time, and on budget.

Virtualization is becoming a growing component of your cloud infrastructure strategy.  Many of our customers today are on a road map migrating over time from a fully deployed, on site, virtual infrastructure towards a public cloud strategy.  Most are taking a hybrid approach and outsourcing applications and servers as time, budget, and connectivity allow.

Whether you’re virtualizing a single application, or an entire server farm, Laketec is here to help you design, implement, and support your infrastructure.


Scale, Performance, Investment Protection

3par-transStorage is a critical component of your network infrastructure and cloud strategy and you need a partner who understands how to design beyond bits and bites and focus on the goals of your organization.  With solid state, flash architectures there are many opportunities to shrink the footprint of your storage solution while providing faster access to your company data.

Laketec’s Engineering team is highly trained and certified on best of breed storage products and are ready to help you design, deploy, and support your storage strategy.  Moving to a hybrid or public cloud model?  We can help you develop a strategic road map for a successful transition.

Business Continuity


veem-architectureUnderstanding the complexity and cost of a properly designed solution against the measured cost of downtime is an important thing to understand when pursing your DR plan.  Is a 48 hour data recovery time sufficient for your business?  Or do you need seamless fail-over to the point of not dropping a single call in a contact center when there’s a power outage?  Once the business requirements, available technology, and budgets align, your customized business continuity strategy can be executed on.  With the technology available, business continuity conversations are focusing on minutes and seconds, rather than hours and days.

Should a part of your strategy include carrier services or data centers, we have partnered with best of breed providers to ensure that your needs are met.

Don’t forget, Business Continuity planning is not something that goes in a binder on a shelf.  It should vetted, tested, and updated as new technologies and offerings become available.

Disaster Recovery

Plan, Deploy, Validate

Disaster recovery (DR) planning is a critical component of the health of your network.  We all design for as much resiliency and redundancy as possible but when unplanned outages do occur, what’s your plan?  Proper DR planning is more than just replacing your tape back up system with a hybrid cloud solution and hoping for the best.  There are more options available than ever to help ensure a speedy recovery of your data in the event of an emergency.

Understanding the complexity and cost of a properly designed solution against the measured cost of downtime is an important thing to understand when pursing your DR plan.  Is an onsite box that replicates to the cloud every night sufficient for your business?  Or do you need immediate access to your data which has been replicated live to a data center or other location?  Regardless of which side of the spectrum you’re on, or anywhere in between, Laketec’s team of highly certified Engineers are looking forward to putting a plan in place with you.

Don’t forget, DR planning is not something that goes in a binder on a shelf.  It should vetted, tested, and updated as new technologies and offerings become available.

Data Center

Intelligently Designed Infrastructure

Laketec has the design and implementation expertise to ensure a smooth data center operation.

Whether you have a private data center at headquarters, a disaster recovery site, or leverage a local partner for data center services, Laketec is here to help incorporate your data center access into your production environment, business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Best of breed data centers offer a high level of flexibility, scalability and security that provide a myriad of advantages from a design perspective.  Laketec does not offer data center services beyond consulting, design, and deployment within a customer owned data center or acquired service.  We do partner with local, top tier, data centers and can incorporate them into your infrastructure design.

Office 365

Stay connected, everywhere

o365-devicesOne of the first applications our customers tend to move to the cloud is Exchange.  With Office 365, you have the opportunity to provide your users with the latest Office software including Exchange from any of their devices for a monthly, per user, fee.  Layer on a variety of other applications through Microsoft based on need.  Take advantage of OneDrive for unprecedented levels of document sharing, collaboration, and cloud storage.

This solution scales with you and eliminates unpredictable support, licensing, and hardware costs.  Easily add and remove users and applications as your needs change.  The latest versions of all software are always immediately available to all users.

Laketec differentiates itself on Office 365 deployments through our migration process.  The cloud is a great place to be, but getting there is not always a seamless process. Our migration team will take the time to review your current settings, storage needs, and policies before initiating the migration.  The up front planning phase is what makes the full migration an inevitable success.


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