Doctor and Patient driven technology solutions


Recent healthcare technology advancements have created exciting opportunities to improve patient care, doctor collaboration, and save lives. They key to the successful deployment of new capabilities in the healthcare space is well thoughtful design that is well executed and then rigorously trained. Healthcare technology is becoming a part of the day-to-day culture in hospitals and branch offices and the staff using these tools must feel comfortable doing so.

Laketec has been supporting the largest hospital systems in greater Cleveland since the day we opened our doors in 1989. Our heritage grew from the voice networks that these hospitals rely on for internal and external communication. As technology has evolved, so have we and our relationships with these organizations. Today, we are a trusted resource for consultations and implementation on systems like wireless, edge and core networking, virtualization, and situational awareness.

Phone Systems:

Communication is key for doctors, patients, and family. Laketec maintains phone systems from the branch office to some of the largest hospitals.


Stable, reliable wireless systems are a critical component of patient care. Laketec holds the highest certifications available in wireless healthcare technology which can now extend to beacons, giving a new level of capability to next-gen caregivers.
Networking: Your network is the foundation that supports the applications that are critical to patient care. Laketec has the tools and expertise to ensure the stability of that foundation.


Consolidation, resilience, redundancy, disaster recovery. The benefits of virtualization are many when deployed properly. Laketec has deployed thousands of VMs in support of end-user and server-level applications.

Situational Awareness:

When knowing what’s happening can be a matter of life or death, you need a partner who understands the challenges associated with a deployment involving pull chains, wall boards, bed alarms, and status panels.

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