Vermilion Local School District Chooses 911inform

With a dedicated focus on the safety and security of its students, staff, and faculty, as well as the imperative to ensure a swift and coordinated response in emergencies, the district, in collaboration with Laketec, recently implemented the 911inform Emergency Management Platform. This innovative solution has not only streamlined their security measures but has also revolutionized their ability to respond to critical situations.

  • Enhancing Campus Safety: Securing multiple buildings on a single site presents its own set of challenges. Within the Vermilion Local School District, which encompasses three school buildings on a shared campus, the integration of 911inform unifies all security concerns under a single umbrella. This transformative approach ensures equal protection for every corner of the campus.

  • Streamlining Emergency Response: In times of crisis, every second counts. The ability to react swiftly and efficiently to an emergency situation can make a significant difference. Vermilion Local Schools recognized the importance of reducing response times during emergencies, and the 911inform platform made this a reality. With 911inform, the administration can now manage and respond to incidents from a single user-friendly interface, minimizing delays and improving their ability to coordinate with first responders.

  • A Bridge to First Responders: 911inform is not just another security tool; it is a bridge that connects the district with first responders. This integration is invaluable in emergency situations. It ensures that the local authorities have real-time access to critical information, allowing them to arrive on the scene fully informed and prepared to take action.

  • Complete Situational Awareness: One of the standout features of 911inform is its ability to provide full situational awareness. It enables real-time communication across various platforms, keeping all stakeholders in the loop during an emergency. This level of communication is crucial for ensuring the safety of students, staff, and faculty.

Conclusion: The installation of the 911inform Emergency Management Platform at Vermilion Local School District marks a significant step forward in ensuring the safety of everyone on campus. The platform’s ability to streamline emergency response, provide complete situational awareness, and bridge the gap between the district and first responders makes it an invaluable addition to their security infrastructure.

Vermilion Local Schools is now better prepared to handle any emergency, and its commitment to safeguarding the welfare of its community remains stronger than ever.

Keim Lumber

Project Completion : Summer 2021 – Aruba Wireless & Aruba Central Deployment

Founded in 1911 Keim Lumber now has over 500 employees and over 700,000 square feet of retail, office, and millwork production space.

Keim Lumber came to us after purchasing a new location within Mt. Hope and needed the ability to integrate their warehouse management system to account for all the inventory at this location.

Being an existing Aruba customer, made this process seamless by deploying Aruba access points at this location.  With ClearPass and Aruba Central, Keim is able to remotely manage and create policies for the wireless, while providing reliable connectivity to the end users to scan and account for inventory.

Aruba Equipment Installed

  • Aruba Access Points – AP505

  • Aruba Central – Cloud based management and monitoring for wired and wireless devices

  • Aruba ClearPass – “NAC” Network Access Control

Legacy Health Services (2)

 Project Completion Summer 2021 – Switching & Wireless Upgrade


Legacy was founded over 50 years ago with 11 locations spread out around Ohio. Legacy Health Services specializes in nursing homes and rehabilitation.

Working at Legacy’s Head Quarter site and 10 locations we were able to Implement a robust wired & wireless network infrastructure. Providing them with fast, reliable voice grade wireless connectivity across their facilities campuses. We updated equipment to be able to continue supporting the connectivity needed at patient care systems. And then used Aruba central to centralize & unify their network for cloud based management.

Community Care Ambulance

Avaya IP Office 5 Site Install – June 2021

Community Care serves 911 contracts, hospitals and nursing facilities in Northeastern Ohio, employing over 270 certified critical intensive care providers, paramedics, advanced and basic EMTs, emergency medical dispatchers,
wheelchair technicians and support personnel across 5 locations that care for thousands of patients each year.

Laketec was able to provide an Avaya IP Office infrastructure in order to upgrade the communication capabilities of a highly critical organization. Community Care Ambulance utilized Laketec’s capabilities regarding Structured Cabling and Avaya IP Office hardware, software and installation in order to better serve the communities that rely on them in times of great need.


Avaya Products Installed:

Avaya IP Phone – Model J179

Avaya IP Phone – Model J169

Avaya Office System – IP 500 v2 Control Unit


Hawken High School

Project Completion: Summer 2021 –  Aruba Networks Outdoor Wireless Solution

Hawken High school is one of the top private schools in the state With state of the art resources provided to their students.

Hawken High School came to us with the desire to add outdoor wireless coverage to their football stadium and concession stand. This would mainly be used for broadcasting sports, students outside of the classroom and for events held there.

Laketec installed new cable runs, switches, and outdoor wireless Access points to meet the needs of Hawken’s request.

This not only provides wireless access to all coaches and patrons at the stadium, but also allows them to utilize their wireless network at the concession stand and ticket booths to make their point of sale transactions easier.

Aruba Equipment Installed

Aruba 2930F Switch – Edge switch providing connectivity to AP’s.

Aruba AP 575 Series – Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Aruba AP 270 Series – Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Legacy Health Services

Project Completion: April 2021 – Microsoft Office 365 Solution

Founded over 50 years ago Legacy Health Services specializes in nursing homes and rehabilitation.

Legacy Health Services uses Office 365 at 11 different locations. They came to Laketec looking for options to increase their security while being able to keep their existing process close to the same experience for their end users.

By upgrading Legacy Health Services Office 365 licensing, Laketec was able to implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across the enterprise and implement Intune for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management.

Laketec was able to reduce the impact of this change to users to only require MFA when devices owned by the company were outside the corporate network. By implementing MFA this creates a layer of defense, making it difficult for an unauthorized user to access information such as physical location, computing devices, phone, network, or the database.

Archbishop Hoban

Project Completion: December 2020 –  Aruba Networks Outdoor Wireless Solution

Founded in 1953, Archbishop Hoban is a private Catholic High School with over 800 students enrolled.

Archbishop Hoban High School came to us to with the desire to supply outdoor wireless coverage to the areas surrounding the high school as well as their football stadium.

Laketec installed new cable runs and wireless Point-to-Point links to extend the network to the football stadium.

This not only provides wireless access to all coaches and patrons at the stadium, but also allows them to utilize their wireless network at the concession stand and ticket booths to make their point of sale transactions easier.

Aruba Equipment Installed

Aruba AP-387 – Point-to-Point AP model that provides 1G throughput for up to a quarter mile.

Aruba AP-377 – Outdoor directional AP.

Aruba AP-375 – Outdoor Omni directional AP.

Aruba 2930F Switch Series – Edge switch providing connectivity to AP’s.

The NRP Group

Project Completion: February 2021 – Aruba SD-WAN Deployment

Aruba SD-WAN Gateways installed at all NRP Group sites across the country

Founded in 1994, The NRP Group is a vertically integrated developer, owner, builder, and manager of best-in- class multifamily housing. NRP has delivered more than 35,000 apartment homes, and currently manages over 20,000 residential units.

Laketec and Aruba deployed Aruba SD-WAN Gateways to over 130 NRP Group sites across the country. Laketec and Aruba were able to stand up secure and reliable connectivity, despite all the hybrid aspects of 2020 work locations.

The Aruba Branch Gateway solution gives organizations a reliable, high performance secure network that supports broadband, MPLS and LTE WAN uplink connections. Aruba Gateways are ideally suited for branch and small campus networks.

Aruba Equipment Installed:
Aruba Gateway – 9000 Series
Aruba Wireless Access Points – Model 515
Aruba Wireless Controller – Model 7010
Aruba Central Cloud Based Management

Hinkley Lighting

Project Completion: January 2021 – Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Hinkley Lighting is a leader in lighting and ceiling fan products.

As Hinkley Lighting continues to grow, their on-premise hardware became more populated, and they began looking for secure cloud options. Hinkley Lighting engaged Laketec to perform a Microsoft Office 365 migration that would migrate Hinkley from their existing on-premise Exchange server to Microsoft Office 365. This migration offloaded their infrastructure, provided a more robust experience for users, and reduced the support burden of the internal IT teams.

Laketec also implemented security components to enhance the Cybersecurity posture of the company along with protecting Hinkley’s data.

Marlington Local School District

Project Completion: November 2020 – E-Rate Wireless & Network Switches

Marlington Local School District is located in Alliance, Ohio, with an enrollment of approximately 2,500 students.

Marlington Local Schools engaged Laketec to upgrade the cabling in all buildings and improve their wireless infrastructure to a feature rich, robust solution to handle the load of today’s education environment.

Marlington Schools used E-Rate funds make this Network and Wireless transition to Aruba Networks. Laketec installed and configured Aruba Network Switches and Aruba Instant Wireless in all their buildings.

Not only did this solution help the district to future proof the network with enterprise grade wireless technology, but the Aruba Switches installed will give the district to many network efficiencies like device profiling.

Aruba Equipment Installed:
• Aruba 2930M Switch Series – Model 2930M 48-port switches
• Aruba AP-310 Series – Model IAP-315 Instant Access Point