Barracuda Backup Deduplication

What is Deduplication?

barracuda-back-up-deduplication-imageFor as long as there has been data, there have been efforts to protect it, even as it has grown relentlessly. While data growth challenges are not new, the pace of growth has been accelerating rapidly and many organizations have attempted to solve their growing storage and retention needs by traditional means of backing up and storing on external media (e.g., tape, SAN/NAS). Such practices are often complex, time consuming, and prone to human and hardware failure. Using standard external media to store backups does not solve the storage problem effectively and ends up costing organizations more in the long run than investing in a more efficient solution at the outset. Capacity optimization plays an integral role in
any compelling backup platform.

Beyond capacity constraints, many organizations cannot centralize their entire IT infrastructure, leaving remote sites either with IT staffing overhead or without sufficient, or any, protection. Tape and other external media do not scale effectively across sites and require additional intervention from local/remote IT staff to ensure consistent backups and to allow for growth. Organizations deploying site-to-site connections tend to back up the remote sites to a main data center, saturating bandwidth and causing long backup and restore delays. Technology like deduplication that can significantly reduce the amount of data needed to transmit can both avoid overloading corporate networks and reduce backup/restore times.


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