Aruba AIOps Solutions Overview

AI-powered Automation for Simplified Network Operations


Within the next 2 years it is estimated that more than 50% of data will be generated outside the data center or cloud, likely coming from the estimated 55 billion IoT² devices connected
worldwide. Businesses are combining this data with new applications at the Edge, to improve operational efficiencies and create new revenue streams.

But as businesses shift to capitalize on all of this data, the role of their infrastructure, and that of network operations, shifts, too. When you combine the massive amounts of data
with ubiquitous mobility and IoT, it’s clear that a new network operations approach is needed. One that makes life easier for network operations by reducing trouble tickets and ensuring SLAs deliver world-class user experiences. A way to quickly resolve connectivity problems using automated root cause analysis, precise recommendations, and remediation is needed, so that IT can focus on driving business value as opposed to dealing with mundane tasks. And where AI predicts and preempts issues before they happen.


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