Using Office Applications Online

Office 365 Training

Using Office Applications Online

Sign into

Once signed in, you will be presented with all of the applications you have access to use.

To edit a document, click the OneDrive icon to display all available documents.

If you do not see the document you need in this list, click the upload button 

A new window will open for you to select the document you need. Choose from a document on your local computer or on the file server.

Your document will upload to OneDrive and Automatically open. Edit the document as needed.

To save a document to your computer or to the file server, click File and then ‘Save As’. Click ‘Download a Copy’

At the bottom left corner of the window, you will see the document’s title and an arrow. Click on the arrow.

Click the option to ‘Show In Folder’

A window will appear and your document will be highlighted.  Drag this file into the folder you wish to save the document to.

If you get a message that there is already a document with that name, please choose the option to replace that file.