Palo Alto – Look What’s Riding Your Network

A Deeper Look at Growing Threats to Mobile Networks and Subscribers

As the digital experience increasingly moves to mobile devices, so do the cyber activities of malicious actors. Android-based malware threats continue to grow while Android-based devices escalate in quantity, IoT adoption expands, and mobile traffic grows exponentially. Infected devices are not only a threat to subscribers — they can be recruited into botnets to attack mobile network  infrastructure and damage service availability. Evidence of these threats can be found in service provider networks.

Operators are faced with the difficult challenge of separating out the hidden quantities of malicious traffic from massive volumes of mobile data that they transport to determine which threats can be ignored and which compel action. Given the rapidly evolving threat landscape and operator cost pressures to increase revenue and migrate to next-generation networks, this is an enormous challenge indeed.

Will the threat landscape for mobile networks and devices reach the attack volume witnessed with Windows® devices and enterprise networks? We believe the answer is “yes,” and this report provides compelling evidence that the trend is well underway, drawing from multiple research and analysis sources.

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