Palo Alto – Cortex XDR

Break the silos of traditional detection and response


Cortex XDR is the world’s first detection and response app that natively integrates network, endpoint and cloud data to stop sophisticated attacks. Cortex XDR accurately detects threats with behavioral analytics and reveals the root cause to speed up investigations. Tight integration with enforcement points accelerates containment, enabling you to stop attacks before the damage is done. Download the datasheet to learn the key features and benefits of Cortex XDR.


Cortex XDR enables your team to:

  • Automatically detect sophisticated attacks by analyzing network, endpoint and cloud data

  • Simplify investigations with automated root cause analysis and timeline analysis

  • Contain and coordinate response for any threat across all enforcement points

  • Streamline threat hunting with powerful search capabilities for behavioral threats


Download “Cortex XDR Datasheet.pdf”

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