Logitech Video Collaboration Brochure

The way we work has changed forever. It’s flexible, no longer defined by a specific location. And it may not take place in an office. Work happens wherever people happen to be.

This new way of working has made video critical for collaboration, enabling
face-to face connections between people regardless of location or time zone. But it’s also vital that everyone in this environment has an equal seat at the table.

Logitech video collaboration solutions are built for the hybrid workforce. They’re easy to set up and manage and simple to use. Our solutions encourage meeting equity and equal participation by allowing everyone to be seen and heard clearly.

Our people-first approach to design is why we’re loved by end-users and the first choice of IT leaders. And now, we’re #1 worldwide in video conferencing hardware and recognized by Frost & Sullivan as the Market
Leader in Video Conferencing Devices.


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