Coordinated Network Switch Configuration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting


Network administrators face numerous challenges that include device proliferation brought on by IoT and BYOD, as well as the need to provide reliable, secure mobile access to any user, anywhere. The high rate of change to support evolving business requirements is another issue. Non-stop adds, moves and changes can overwhelm what are often short-staffed IT teams, which increases the risk of operator error and, subsequently, performance issues or downtime.


In response to these challenges, Aruba NetEdit empowers IT teams to orchestrate the configuration of multiple switches with automation and analytics to ensure deployments are consistent, conformant, and free of errors. The automation workflows allow for changes without the overhead of programming by providing operators with a user-friendly, CLI-like interface. This arms IT teams with the power to smoothly coordinate end-to-end service roll outs, rapidly initiate network-wide changes, and ensure policy conformance after network updates.


With embedded analytics delivered from the Aruba Network Analytics Engine (NAE), this intelligent assistance and continuous validation assure that network-wide configuration changes are consistent and compliant, ultimately improving the overall health and security of the network.


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