Aruba 387 Series Outdoor Access Point

Dual 60GHz 802.11ad and 5GHz 802.11ac for high speed outdoor point-to-point connectivity

Weatherproof and temperature-hardened, the Aruba 387 Series Access Points deliver multigigabit per second aggregate throughput at distances up to 400 meters (or 0.25 miles).

With the ever-growing number of IoT devices, demand for reliable connectivity is rising – not just in traditional carpeted enterprises but also in outdoor use cases such as enabling connectivity across buildings on the same campus, adjacent structures (e.g. parking garage or annex), and remote or temporary event sites.

Point-to-point wireless solutions offer an attractive option for connecting two sites together where the right of way is difficult to obtain – or as a backup or recovery link for existing connections. But legacy point-to-point solutions can be expensive and vulnerable to inclement weather conditions. They can also require highly skilled workers for AP installation and alignment.


Download “Aruba 387 Series Data Sheet”

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