Why We're Different

One Size Does Not Fit All

Be Different

There is no shortage of technology vendors in today’s market.  We recognize that we must earn our customer’s business every day.  When we asked our customers why they selected, and continue to partner with us over our competition, four main themes emerged.


Core Values:

If you’ve been to a Laketec event or presentation, you’ve probably heard us talk about our Core Values. They embody Laketec’s culture, they’re not just a plaque on the wall.  Every personnel decision we make is measured against our five Core Values.


Best of Breed Technology:

Just as you choose your partners, we have a choice of who we represent. We choose manufacturers who we feel offer the best product or solution in each category. We’re looking for partners to be financially sound market leaders who consistently invest in R&D and drive innovation. This philosophy allows us to bring the right solutions to the table based on your needs, without restricting you to the products and solutions provided by a single manufacturer.


Thoughtful Design:

In order to design complex, multi-vendor solutions we have to approach the process differently, more thoughtfully. The first step is getting a firm understanding of who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish as an organization. Technology aside, what’s important to you as an organization?  Once we understand that, we can overlay the technical requirements while taking into account investments you’ve already made, and from there, architect solutions that are cost-effective and tangibly useful to the business. Throughout this process, our Engineers work together to make sure the intended benefits of these solutions are realized.


Ongoing Support:

In order to help you realize the benefits of your investment, we assist you in the design, deployment, and long-term support of these solutions. We are not a transaction-oriented company, but we’re also not like other technology vendors. We’re easy to do business with and we offer a boutique style of support that allows us to provide customized options to meet your needs.