Core Values

This is Who We Are

Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to design, sell, and service the most effective technology solutions for our customers. Our drive is to create the world’s most satisfied customers while attracting the world’s most passionate employees.

Core Values:

At Laketec, Core Values are not just a plaque on the wall. They are a part of every decision we make. From hiring, to product lines, to suppliers. Our Core Values are what drive our organization.

Unparalleled Responsiveness
World Class Service means being available to our customers when and where they need us.

Together, We Can Do Anything!
We understand that the strength of a team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our customers can count on us, because we can count on each other and on our manufacturers.

We Keep Our Promises
We do what we say. Our customers trust us because they know that our strength lies in our ability to make good on our promises.

Relentless Pursuit of Knowledge
We are passionate about staying ahead of the curve so that we can always keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology.

Responsible Profitability
Return on investment and total cost of ownership are things we pride ourselves on understanding as it relates to your business.