Aruba Business First SD-WAN Solution

Why Aruba Edge Connect SD-WAN Solution

Many applications are moving to the cloud, bringing a sea of change. In fact, industry experts estimate that up to 70 percent of applications have already migrated to the cloud. With more than 2,000 production deployments, customers have identified four unique areas of business value as the reasons they’ve chosen the Aruba EdgeConnect unified SD-WAN solution. The platform builds a business-driven, adaptive, and high-quality unified WAN edge. It is designed to enable enterprises to fully realize the transformational promise of the cloud.


Lifecycle Orchestration and Automation

Aruba’s business-first networking model provides automated orchestration and lifecycle management of all WAN functions.

Continuous self-learning

This SD-WAN solution self-learns network conditions for optimal performance during changes, congestion, or impairments. The self-learning solution automatically detects and remediates resource deterioration, outages, and maintains compliance with business policy. For example, a WAN transport service or even a third-party cloud security service automatically remediates to keep traffic flowing while maintaining continuous compliance with business policy.

Consistent Quality of Experience

A key benefit of an SD-WAN solution is the flexibility to actively use multiple forms of WAN transport. By intelligently monitoring and managing transport services. It has the ability to overcome the problems of packet loss, latency and jitter to deliver the highest levels of application performance and quality of experience to users.

End-to-end Segmentation

SD-WAN provides more comprehensive, end-to-end security capabilities. In addition to supporting a stateful zone-based firewall within the platform, the SD-WAN platform orchestrates and enforces end-to-end segmentation spanning the LAN-WAN-Data Center.

Highest Quality Of Experience

Leveraging technologies that continuously learn, adapt and automate how traffic is directed across the WAN, the Aruba EdgeConnect platform delivers the highest quality of experience for both end users and IT. End users enjoy always-consistent, always-available application performance, including the highest quality of voice and video, across any combination of transport services, including cost-effective consumer broadband services.


the qualities of the aruba sd wan solution


Download “Aruba Edge Connect Networking Model”

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