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Situational Awareness

catalogStatus Solutions develops situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. Our software solutions deliver real-time, detailed information to help organizations prevent ignorance-based loss and transform business operations. We customize each solution to meet customer needs and work within existing technology infrastructures. By centrally managing information and then delivering it to various portals and dashboards, our solutions help you better manage risk and protect people, property, business and convenience/comfort.

Laketec chose to partner with Status Solutions in 2013 because of the natural fit in our portfolio of products. Our customers in the senior living, education, and manufacturing industries were already leveraging this, or similar, products in their daily operations. The ability to integrate multiple best of breed technology platforms into a single solution, managed in a single pane of glass, is a perfect fit with the Laketec network design philosophy.

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Life Safety

Life safety is a special interest, and as such, all available steps should be taken to improve it. What’s dangerous in and around your organization? What should be done to respond to an emergency and reduce its impact? Who needs to be notified and how? In addition to conducting risk assessments and developing emergency plans that answer these questions, you can use technology to operationalize your crisis plans. 

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Security has been influenced if not completely driven by a law-enforcement mindset, which tends to be prosecutorial in nature. However, prosecution doesn’t have anything to do with right-now security. An organization needs to be able to address a security threat as it’s unfolding, and ideally before an incident becomes a large-scale emergency in which lives and/or property are at risk. The best way to create more time to detect and respond to a threat is through automated situational awareness. 

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Environmental Monitoring

A hospital in Florida lost an entire supply of skin grafts because the refrigerator they were stored in malfunctioned, and a freezer malfunction in Massachusetts severely damaged a third of the world’s largest collection of brain samples being used to study autism. The above are worst-case scenarios but proof as to why environmental monitoring is an important outcome/application of situational awareness – and not just for hospitals. 

I approached Laketec a couple years ago to find a solution for our aging emergency call system. Laketec helped by taking a holistic approach to my IT infrastructure and delivered an integrated emergency system along with a more reliable phone and data network. I found their sales and engineering teams very knowledgeable about the products they implement. Their delivery on projects has always been timely and within budget. I highly recommend Laketec for any data or voice related projects.

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The Village of St. Edwards
Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

When technology has the ability to save lives there is no higher calling in our industry than to design, deploy, and support rock solid solutions for our customers in a variety of industries from healthcare, to education, to manufacturing.  The Status Solutions product was a great extension of our network portfolio and we are proud of the capabilities that this product delivers for our customers.