ShoreTel Connect.On Premise, In the Cloud, or Hybrid

ShoreTel is a leading provider of unified communication solutions such as voice, IM, presence, chat, and mobility. They differentiate themselves by having one of the most flexible architectures in the market. The ShoreTel platform takes all of its features and functionality and allows partners to deploy it either fully on premise, fully in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. This design philosophy allows customers to consume their communication system in any way they see fit both from a financial, and design perspective.

ShoreTel provides a highly scalable management platform making it ideal for deploying across multiple locations. The ability to quickly view and diagnose issues across your entire platform make ShoreTel a great fit for multi-site customers who may be expanding.

Laketec has been a ShoreTel partner since 2008 and currently supports customers in a variety of industries. We have highly certified engineers who are cross trained in other systems. Customers have told us they appreciate our ability draw contrasts between competitive systems to help them arrive at the right solution for them. Laketec is known in the industry for our commitment to our service contract customers and high retention rates. If you have a ShoreTel system today that you are struggling with, our technical team is ready to help you get the system on track and accomplishing your goals.

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ShoreTel Connect is a major differentiator in the unified communications market.  This is a single code design philosophy that allows customers to deploy the hardware either on site, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.  This philosophy allows endless flexibility as we design for disaster recovery, redundancy, and resiliency.


Put the power of a ShoreTel desk phone on their smartphones and tablets. Give your team every advantage. With the ShoreTel Connect mobility app, not only will they enjoy all the call handling and directory features of their ShoreTel desk phone, they can also fully collaborate.


The ability to virtualize key applications complements ShoreTel’s distributed architecture and allows customers to take advantage of virtualized infrastructure benefits in order to achieve cost savings and business continuity objectives.

Laketec did their usual fine job at our new Heidelberg Center in Louisville, Kentucky.  The new cabling was done without incident by your cable crew and the ShoreTel system was implemented by an excellent technician, Dan Speigal who is very knowledgeable.  I have used Laketec for all of our sites throughout Ohio and Kentucky and we are very happy with the results. Whatever we need, they deliver.

Jon S.

Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

The flexibility in deployment options that ShoreTel offers between on-site, cloud, and hybrid architectures is a perfect match with the Laketec design philosophy of putting business needs ahead of the technology discussion.

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