End User Experience Monitoring

End User Experience Monitoring

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Measure End-User Experience in Real Time to speed up network troubleshooting

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Laketec has put together a series of events to present new solutions to make your network more efficient. Join us July 22th at 1pm to demo and discuss how UXI sensors deliver simple, continuous monitoring and testing for WLAN, LAN, and WAN with AI-powered awareness of network health and performance. 

End users say the network is slow. These UXI Sensors will help you figure out why and will soon become a crucial component when it comes to a strong network!


View the 1 hour training by clicking here! https://youtu.be/_jxjd8gjdmw


What Are UXI Sensors?

UXI Sensors help diagnose, troubleshoot, and even detect anomalies before issues arise. They can also be used to validate SLAs by testing connectivity to services like print and cloud storage. UXI sensors complete your understanding of the network – and are designed to run in the background and blend into any environment.



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