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Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

Working with our customers on intelligently designed solutions that help them grow their businesses is what gets us out of bed in the morning.  Having the opportunity to learn about so many different industries over the years has given us a tremendous advantage that we love putting to work for our customers.

I cannot tell you how easy this migration has been on us.  We did not experience one bit of employee down time or excessive issues during this transition (as we have in the past).

A BIG thank you to Tom Petkoff for always being available, for answering all of our questions, all of our emails, all of our phone calls and walking us thru everything this past couple of weeks.

Tom has been available throughout this entire process, he has been communicating with myself and Steve anytime that we asked even the silliest of questions.  When you ask Tom for something – you get a response or the completed requested within the hour.  CTI is not used to this type of response!  We are going to enjoy working with Laketec and Tom in the coming years!

Kathy G.


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