Identity & Access Control

Laketec Testimonial

Joe Little

General Manager

We have found that customers in nearly every industry have found value in this solution set.  Guest access is no longer about simply handing out a password to an SSID that’s on it’s own VLAN.  It’s about giving a consistent and secure role based experience to your guests, contractors, customers, and employees.

We were educated on other areas that Laketec was proficient at.  Wireless access was a critical need for our organization. We then entered into plans to have Aruba Access Points configured, and installed in our facilities.  Further the requirements of NAFTA are stringent which caused us to look at our firewall configuration that needed shored up.  As a result we turned to Laketec to design and implement a rock solid solution.  As a result they implemented Palo Alto to give us what we wanted and needed.  In short, Laketec has been a partner, not a vendor for Hexpol.

Dennis C.

Hexpol Compunding

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